Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Lapp Wedding

Since I stayed in Colorado longer than anticipated I was able to attend the wedding of our close family friend, Randy Lapp. I was friends with his son Josh while when we were young, they used to live across the street from my dad. Anyhow, my dad has stayed in touch with Randy throughout the years and his new wife Pam and my step-mom have become good friends. The wedding was very small and intimate and a lot of fun. My brother Duke and his girlfriend Ashley watched Abby for the night! It was good to have a night out among adults and old friends.
The Bride and Groom:
Me and the bride, Pam.
With the bride and groom
Me and my Dad


Amy Scofield said...

You look fantastic! Eat your heart out Andy. :o) Loving the dress, too!

Andrew said...

Dang Gurl, U b lookin GOOOOOOOD! Seriously hun, you look beautiful in those pictures! Love you and cant wait to see you!

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