Sunday, January 31, 2010

January's Random Ramblings

  • Abby loves the Beyonce song "Single Ladies".  After dancing and singing to it all night she asked to be called Beyonce from now on!
  • Abby always calls "teasing", "cheesing".  As in, "Mommy, I was just 'cheesing' Olivia."
  • One day after I was done cleaning the bathroom with a little help from Abby,  I said, "there, doesn't that look nice?"  To which she replied, "Well, not really.  The mirror is still all dirty!"
  • Abby is always asking me, what do you want to do tomorrow?  The girl is constantly on the go.
  • One day while we were driving home from somewhere Abby said to me, "Mommy, can you make sure you get your hair trimmed before my next dance recital?"--she is right, I DO need a trim!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon

So, way back in late September I saw on Facebook that our friends Jason and Angela had signed up for a 1/2 marathon in San Diego.  I was intrigued and looked into it a bit further and found out it was the weekend after my 30th birthday.  Since we had just moved to AZ and joined our local gym, I thought this might be a good goal to set for myself.  I talked to Andrew about it and he started doing some research on it as well.  He soon found out there was a 1/2 marathon right here in AZ on my actual birthday, and we decided to do it.  What better way to celebrate turning 30 then with doing something I never thought I would be able to do it a million years?!?!  After some time on the phone Andrew convinced his Dad and his brother Josh to join us and that's when the training began.  We all started running and sending each other updates via email.

Over Halloween weekend Josh was in town visiting and our training schedule called for a 4 mile run.  We all hit the gym together and Josh and myself struggled to get to the 4 mile mark while Andrew blew us out of the water by running 7 miles then heading over to do some pull-ups...Josh and I agreed that he was a show-off!  Anyway, over the next few months we all continued to train but it was hard to stick to the schedule with the holidays and traveling and having kids and whatever other excuse I could come up with.  Also, during this time we talked my mom into coming out and running with us as well.  While we were in Colorado we did a 10K which is 6.2 miles and at the time the furthest I had ever run.  I felt really good after that run, but was a bit worried about doing double that.  Then, as the race got closer and the training intensified I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to be able to do it.  I did an 8 mile run at the gym and felt really good about things after that.  Then, 2 weeks later I did a 10 mile run outside by myself and struggled through the entire thing.  I had been sick for the 2 weeks before that, I was on day 3 of my antibiotics and still feeling pretty awful.  I walked more than I would have liked, but I finished 10+ miles that day.  I was sick as a dog for most of that day after that, I even threw up twice.

 After that I really had my doubts.  But, the antibiotics helped and I tapered down my mileage and then our family started to arrive for the race and there was no turning back.  Not to mention, I had already paid a pretty hefty race fee so I was at least  going to TRY to do the race.  The couple days before the race I was very moody and now that I look back, I think that was my nerves.  I wouldn't admit that I was nervous, but I was.  I had something to prove, not to everyone else, but to myself.

Race day arrived and the weather was supposed to be perfect for running.  We left before the sun came up to find a parking spot, take a shuttle over to the starting line, and get in line for the port-a-potties before the race began.  Before I knew it, it was time to head to the starting line.  The camaraderie was amazing, everyone was talking before the race and getting psyched.

The race itself was a lot of fun.  There were live bands through out the course as well cheerleaders and people with signs cheering us on.  I don't think I would have been able to do the whole thing without all the support from those around me, including my family that ran with me and especially my husband who was understanding, supportive, and encouraging during all the training and the race!  When all was said and done, it was an amazing experience and I am very proud of myself and my family for accomplishing this!  It will definitely be a birthday I will remember for the rest of my life.  I think it has lit a fire under me and I am already researching my next race and maybe, just maybe with a lot of hard work and determination I will do a full marathon someday....we'll see!

The team the night before the race and we are all sporting our official PF Changs Rock-N-Roll 1/2 Marathon shirts.
Nancy, Andrew, Cheyna, Josh and Peter

Me and my wonderfully supportive husband....and yes, he wore that outfit (wig and all) the ENTIRE 13.1 miles!!!

 Peter, my Mom, Andrew and myself before the race

Me and my mom.  My mom has been running for YEARS and I think she was surprised that I took this on because I have never been a runner. I was so glad she came out to run with me, it was wonderful having her share this experience with me!

Josh and Andrew

In line...waiting to start running

Josh and Peter....waiting!

The sea of runners in front of us....there were about 40,000 runners total

Senator John McCain was there to cheer us on!

My mom and I running

My mom and I after the race!  We did it!!!!!

Like I said, he wore that outfit the entire race.  It got a lot of attention!!!  Thank you Andrew for sacrificing your time and running with us slow runners.  I know you could have run MUCH faster but it was nice having you here with me and I don't know if I could have done it without you and your awesome outfit!

Resting in the grass a little bit after the race and listening to finishing line band....Everclear

These were the running socks I got from Andrew for my birthday.

Me with my girls and my new sticker for the van!

Yay!  I earned that sticker!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year's Day at the Zoo

We decide to head to the zoo on New Year's Day.  It was a little bit cold when we first got there, but it quickly warmed up and turned out to be a fantastic day to be outside at the zoo.  The zoo here is really nice for little ones.  There seems to be a place for the kids to play and run around everywhere you turn.  We would walk around and look at a few animals then play for a while, then do it all over again.  They have a very nice dedicated children's area with a playground, special kid size picnic tables, a pretend cow you can milk, tractors to climb on and a petting zoo.  The girls loved this area and it was hard to get them to move on after this on.  It was a wonderful way for our family to ring in the new year together!

This is the big giraffe observation climbing bridge

Playing in the sand by the big barn


Livy's new BF!

Driving the tractor

Learning to milk a cow

Looking at the goats in the petting zoo.  They weren't afraid of people at all.  Even small people that laughed and squealed in their faces!

Abby loved brushing the goats

Olivia just loved the goats

Abby on the tractor

Abby in the giant clam

The cactus slide

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year's Eve

We had a very low-key but nice New Year's Eve this year.  We rung in the New Year with just our little family and I couldn't have asked for anything more.  After all, these are the people I love most in the world!  Andrew cooked a very yummy dinner of Veal Osso Bucco, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans.  We enjoyed our dinner and the girls had a little dance party with NYE hats and then off to bed they went.  I tried very hard to stay up till midnight but I was fighting a very bad cold and just couldn't keep my eyelids open, I am sorry to say I was asleep before midnight!  Like I said, low-key, but spent with the best family every!

Our delicious dinner

My girls "ringing in the New Year!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas day.  Abby woke up to a sea of presents and was so excited that Santa and his Reindeer enjoyed the treats she left for them.  She was even more ecstatic about the letter Santa left just for her!  She was excited to open presents, but she loved picking out presents for other people and watching what they got too.  Olivia wasn't too interested in doing any actual opening but she wanted to play with the toys she got.  She was very cute and her favorite thing was looking at the pictures in the special frames my Dad got for Jane, my Mom and Susan.  Near the end of the marathon present-opening session I think she became a bit overwhelmed.  She asked if she could go upstairs and lay in Papi's bed and watch her new Wizard of Oz movie and have a snack, and that's just what she did.  After Abby rested and Olivia took a nap, we headed over to my mom's house for round 2!!  It was a great day spent with family and friends and we couldn't have asked for anything more!

Before the opening madness

Olivia looking at her "fur real" doggy that Santa left for her.

"Yay, books!  My favorite!!"

Lots going on

The girls looking at one of their presents with Grammy and Auntie Greta

Duke with his new laptop.  He will be able to do so much studying now!!

Abby taking a rest and having a snack.  All that present opening can be hard work!!

At my Mom's house opening presents.  Both the girls got new tutu's which were very cute!

Olivia modeling her tutu

Abby and Aunt Ana

Abby and Ana modeling their new backpacks

The girls playing in the cubby at my dad's house later in the afternoon

The dog kennel is so much fun!!

A little dip in the hot tub on a chilly Christmas night.  Abby is sporting the new swimsuit she got from Santa!

Andrew and myself

Olivia and her BFF Roller

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