Saturday, July 21, 2007

Catching up with Old Friends

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some old friends tonight! Jon and Amy Scofield were in town for a wedding and after a few missed opportunities we were finally able to meet up with each other. Andrew went to the Academy with Jon and after Jon met his better half, Amy, they were stationed up at Hanscom with us. They have a son, Gabriel, who is a few days younger than Abby. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the kids together (Gabriel was with his grandparents while his parents took a well deserved vacation and Abby was at home with her Grammy and Papi with a cold). But, I did have a good time catching up with Jon and Amy. The military is a special way of life and it has allowed me and Andrew to make friends that now live all over the world. I feel grateful when I happen to be in the same vicinity as an old friend and we are able to hang out and catch up, things just pick up right where they left off. No matter where or how far the Air Force takes us, we have made friends that share our circumstances and it is just awesome to me that those friendships can pick up right where they left off and continue without a hitch!!! I would have loved to spend more time with Amy and Jon, we had a lot to talk about...but we had a good time and I am grateful that we were able to meet up and chat!!! I know we will see each other again down the line, who knows....maybe they will be stationed at Eglin next?!?! It was good seeing you guys!!!

Amy and myself
Group shot: Stacey, Ameer, Jon, me and Amy


Sam and Brian said...

Awww, you are a very good writer. I seem to get teary eyed more & more when I read your posts. Maybe I just haven't seen you enough. BTW, LOVE your shirt! You have excellent taste! ;)

Amy Scofield said...

Just put you on my post, too!! It was wonderful seeing you. Wish we had more time to hang out. Maybe one day.... ;o)

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