Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's Random Ramblings


  • I told Abby we were going to store to look for a Mother's Day present for Grammy Susan and she said, "Why would you do that, she's not your mother".
  • When I explained that Susan was my Mother-in-law because she is the Mom of the man I married.  She said, well I guess Miss Sam will be my mother-in-law and when I asked her why, she said "because I am going to marry Nolan!"  I guess she really understands what a mother-in-law is!
  • Abby asked me when the days were going to end.  I asked her to clarify and she wanted to know when earth was going to end.  So not something a 5 year old should be worrying about!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The kids loved hunting for Easter eggs and got to do it twice.  The first time at Becca's mom's house when they woke up Easter morning and the second time at Becca's Memaw's house where we went to spend the day.  Thank you Becca and family for letting us share the holiday with you all, we had a wonderful time and felt so welcome.

All the kids before the hunt.
Top:  Abigail, Brooke, Brittany, Brett
Bottom:  Hailey, Wes, Olivia

My pretty girl!

Abby and Mimi, they were inseparable all day!!

Caught Wes enjoying a chocolate doughnut!

Look what I found!

Hailey and Olivia--best buds

Looking for Easter eggs

Me and Bec

Me and my fella!

Wes and John

Becca's mom and William

All the kiddos after the 2nd egg hunt

Family photo attempt

Olivia enjoying the fruits of her labor!

Monday, May 23, 2011


We had lots of fun dying Easter eggs this year, there were lots of eggs, lots of kiddos and lots of fun.  We also had an egg painting kit which was a huge hit!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Because I am Your Mom

Abigail, because I am your mom...
...I bring ranch dressing in my purse when we go out to eat at restaurants that don't have it!
...I gave up listening to the radio in the car in favor of books on cd or The Laurie Berkner Band.
...I get to witness firsthand what an amazing big sister a little girl can be.
...I get to hear all the preschool "gossip" on the way home from picking you up.
...I am able to see that compassion and empathy start at a young age.
...I am constantly on the receiving end of beautiful pictures, paintings and flowers picked from our yard!
...I see glimpses of my 5 year old self in you, and I am often reminded of things I did or said as a child when I watch you.

Olivia, because I am your mom...
...I know that you are cranky after you sleep, both in the morning and after your nap, but it's nothing a little snuggling or a joke can't fix.
...I have come to realize that a persons sense of humor is something they are born with, and yours seems much too complex for a 2 year old!
...I get to see a special bond between two sisters and that little sisters will always look up to their big sisters.
...I have to remind myself that you are only 2, and often when your behavior is not what I
would like, that it is actually very on par for a 2 year old!
...I am constantly on the search for anything orange, its your favorite color and you remind us of that constantly.
...I get to see an amazing imagination at work on a daily basis.
...I know the words to the UW Badgers fight song, because you insist on signing it every night.
...I know that with stubbornness and strong-will there comes confidence and a love for life that are hard to match.

William, because I am your mom...
...I get to be a Mommy of a little boy.
...I have learned to change diapers a little more quickly than I did with your sisters!
...I realized that my heart was capable of loving another child just as much as my first two.
...I get to see you smile with your eyes and laugh with your belly.
...I get to linger with you sleeping in my arms just a little bit longer.
...I someday get to be a mother-in-law.

Abigail, Olivia, and William, because I am your mom, I am the LUCKIEST woman in the world!!!
I love you three more than I could ever express in words.  Being your Mommy is the best gift a woman could ask for.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Random's from Kentucky

Here are a few random pictures form our time in Kentucky!

Abigail, Wesley, Olivia and Hailey
Andrew had mentioned how it was nice that the kids could get together and get "reacquainted" before our trip to the Outer Banks later this month.  Well, there was no reacquainting necessary, the kids played like a day had never passed!  

I was able to see another military friend, Emily, while I was in Kentucky.  Emily actually sold our house in Crestview, FL.  I was so happy we were able to catch up a little bit and I was able to see her son Jack, who was just a baby when we left and meet her newest addition, Molly.  Molly is a couple of months older than William, and she is a doll!  A 2 hour drive is nothing in military life so I am hoping to be able to get together again with Emily soon and see the rest of her family!!

....and this is my Buddha baby!

Here are a couple of pictures of the flooding.  This is the driveway that leads up to Becca's Mom's house.  The stream is NOT supposed to be there.  Andrew kindly waded through the water before we crossed to make sure it was safe :-)  Becca and I later decided we were brave enough (or desperate enough) to again cross the flood waters to make a trip to Target without kids.....totally worth it!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Fish and Bonfires in Kentucky

So the planets and the stars aligned and it turns out Andrew had a TDY to Kentucky the same week Becca was in town visiting her mom, so we packed the kids into the van and headed south for a few days!  I miss having Becca around, she is just such a wonderful friend but I feel blessed that if we can't be close at least we are able to see each other quite often with us living in Dayton and only being a little over 2 hours from her Mom's house.  Anyway, we had a ton of fun visiting with Becca, John, Hailey, and Wes and Becca's family and like always we stayed very busy!  There will be a few different posts from our time in Kentucky and these are from one day when we went fishing on their lake and then had a nice bonfire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores.  All of this of course in between crazy rain storms that caused lots of damage and flooding!  So much fun and wonderful memories!

Aww, my sweet friend Bec doing some fishing!

Olivia actually turned out to be the master at fishing, catching the 2 biggest fish of the day!
She even insisted on kissing them before throwing them back in the lake!

Group shot of the fishing activities.

Abby also became an old pro
She was baiting and unhooking fish all by herself by the time the afternoon was over!

Wes taking a break!

Daddy, Abby and her fish!

Kissing the fish goodbye!

Even when you are out enjoying nature, nature calls!!!

Brooke and Brittany are Becca's twin niece's and they all had a blast fishing together!

Bonfire time!
Olivia is soaked from splashing in the puddles while gathering wood.

Waiting for marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows
The kids had been waiting all day for this!

Hailey and her marshmallow
I think she ate her weight in marshmallows that night!


Wes trying to figure out how to tackle the ooey gooey goodness.

Me and my fella enjoying the fire!
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