Monday, January 31, 2011

January's Random Ramblings

Having a new baby in the house has sparked many interesting conversations and comments from the girls, as well as sweet moments that I will cherish forever!!


  • Abby is smitten with her little brother, but she is quick to tell me that he is hungry and I need to feed him whenever she hears him cry!
  • Abby has been so sweet since we have been home from the hospital and very helpful.  I often find myself feeding William right around the time Olivia needs to go down for a nap and Abby has graciously offered to put her down for her nap for me.  I was a bit skeptical at first but they both seem to love the idea and Olivia goes right to sleep.  Somedays the monitor is on and I can hear Abby singing to her, its the sweetest thing ever!!!
  • While Andrew was still on paternity leave and Susan was still here, they went out to the store together leaving me at home with all 3 kids for the first time by myself.  Olivia was napping, William was eating and Abby was doing a craft.  About 10 minutes after Andrew and Susan left, Abby came over to check on me and William and asked if there was anything I needed.  It was so sweet, she is such a thoughtful little girl!!


  • I am breastfeeding William which means that I have a lot of "down" time where I am not able to help the girls with stuff.  They have been very good about it but have taken a real interest in the whole breastfeeding thing.  Olivia will often say, "Is he eating your boobies AGAIN?!?!?"
  • William is also known as baby brudder.
  • I am constantly telling Olivia to be gentle with William.  She is fascinated by him and always wants to know where he is and what he is doing.  She wants to hold him all the time and help out any way she can.  I know she isnt trying to be rough with him but like I said, I am always reminding her to be gentle.  One day she looked at me after I said that and said, "I'm not going to break him!"
  • I often find Olivia standing over William saying, "wake up sleepy head!"
  • Olivia wants to know "where is that baby?!?"
  • Olivia calls Abby "my Abby."
  • She has started calling Peter, Grampa Peep.
  • Abby recently found one of our wedding albums and both girls love looking at the pictures.  Olivia points to the pictures of me and wistfully says, "Mommy, you a prinpess!"

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Sometime late in the night of Jan. 18th or early in the morning of Jan. 19th Abigail lost her first tooth!!  Before bed that night while Abby was brushing her teeth she showed me her tooth that had been loose for a couple of weeks was now just hanging on by a thread.  If I had been a little braver I probably could have pulled it out myself that night but I decided to let nature takes its course.  When I was talking to Andrew about it after the girls had gone to bed he informed me I probably should have taken action because he thought Abby would probably swallow it in her sleep.  Well, the next morning Abby came downstairs and after about 5 minutes she shrieked, "My tooth is gone!"  Then she got really upset because she didn't know where it was.  I assured her that if she swallowed it or it was lost it would be ok because we would just write the tooth fairy a letter explaining what happened and she would still come to the house.   After a little reassurance Abby and Andrew went up to Abby's room to look for her tooth and lo and behold they found the tiny little tooth in her bed!  She was very excited, in fact she was so excited she insisted on bringing it to school that day to show all of her friends and teachers!  She was the first kid in her class to loose a tooth!  She put the tooth and a drawing she made under her pillow that night and woke up to find a dollar bill in its place the next morning!  

Yay!  We found the tooth!!

Look how tiny it is!

Where once there was a tooth, now there is a hole!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hospital Pics

Here are a few more pictures of our time in the hospital.  It was tough being away from the girls for 2 nights, but thanks to Susan we knew they were in good hands and they came to visit us lots!  We were definitely ready to go home by the time we were released on Thursday evening which was just in time for a nice snow storm!   Overall, we had a great experience and were blessed that everything went well and we were able to bring home a healthy baby boy to join the Vrabec family!

William sleeping in his tupperware.

Abby holding William.
She looks so happy!

Abby is introducing baby William to Grammy Susan

My beautiful kiddos!

This was taken when they brought William back to us from his circumcision.  I guess you can see how he felt about the process.

Getting ready to go home.  Shortly after this picture was taken, William ate and then promptly spit up everything he has just consumed all over himself!

Anxiously waiting to be discharged.

Can we go home yet?!?!

Time to go.
William's first car seat ride!

Bye-bye hospital

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday William!

Here are some more pictures from the day William was born and the story of how he came into this world!  I ended up having a scheduled induction for January 4th due to some high blood pressure issues late in my pregnancy.  It was a weird feeling knowing exactly when your child would be coming into the world and the days leading up to the induction were filled with anticipation, lack of sleep and a bit of nervousness.  One of the positive things about having a scheduled delivery is that it provides the opportunity to plan and be prepared.  Susan was able to fly in early and be here to take care of the girls while Andrew and I were at the hospital.  Knowing the girls were in such good hands while we were gone relieved a lot of stress and Andrew and I were able to focus on the baby!  

Anyway, after a night of very little sleep Andrew and I woke up very early and were at the hospital by 7am.  I got checked in and settled into our room.  At about 8 or 8:30 they finally started the hellish drug aka pitocin and shortly after the contractions started.  I was able to get up and walk the halls which was a big relief because I was not allowed to do that when I had Olivia and walking around really helped pass the time and seemed to help with the pain as well.  After hours of increasing the pitocin but no real pattern to my contractions, they finally decided to break my water at about 2pm.  That is when the real fun started.  About 15 minutes later my contractions intensified.  Since I waited too long with Olivia to ask for my epidural I decided that I was headed in the direction of wanting one so I didn't waste any time and asked for the drugs.    I got all set up with the epidural, the anesthesiologist administered the test dose and then told me as soon as I got comfortable he would start the medicine.  Well, I don't know what it is about the position I have to be in to get the epidural but it makes my labor progress big time and I went from 5 cm to 10 in that time.  I told the doctor I was far from comfortable and I that I thought I needed to push.  Sure enough, they checked me and William was ready to meet us!  They called for the mid-wife and while we were waiting for her to get there (probably 5-10 minutes) but it felt like forever the nurses were telling me NOT to push and to just breath through the contractions and the overwhelming need to push.....ha!!!  Finally, the midwife arrived and after about 12 minutes of pushing William was born!  

At home getting ready to leave for the hospital

At the hospital, before changing into the lovely hospital gown!

Still feeling good.  Looking at our "name" book and trying to decided what we would call our little fella!

This is our record of when we finally decided on a name for our guy. 
We even had the nurse initial it as a witness so we couldn't change our minds!

Mommy and Daddy waiting to meet little William!

And the smile is gone....he was born about 20 minutes after this picture was taken!

All the pain was worth it!!! 

The smile is back...10 minutes after he was born. 

William Reagan Vrabec
8.03 LBS 20 inches born at 3:47pm

Abby meeting William for the first time

Some snuggles for Mommy from Abby

Enjoying my guy!

Proud Mommy and Daddy

Look at our new brother!  He is in there somewhere!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome William Reagan

Little William made his way into this world on January 4, 2011.  He weighed 8.03 lbs and was 20 inches long and he is just perfect!  

Abigail and Olivia have welcomed him into the family with open arms, lots of love and sweetness.  More to come soon!

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