Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caught red handed...literally!

The other night after dinner, I was cleaning up the kitchen while Andrew and Abby headed upstairs to begin the bath time routine. Olivia was downstairs with me and I was going to bring her up in a bit. Well, as I was cleaning, Olivia was playing when all of a sudden things were much too quiet. I walked around the kitchen island to find Olivia sitting on the floor under the table with a bowl of Abby's leftover "fruit salad". She had reached up to the table, grabbed the bowl and had devoured every last strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry and was pretty darn proud of herself!

September's Random Ramblings

  • Abby and I were at the pool and getting ready to go back home. I wrapped my towel around my waist and she said, "if you do it like that Mommy your boobies won't get dry!"
  • Abby wanted to have a treat one day so she informed me that she had 4 "sweet teeth" and they wanted to have something sweet because that is what they like!
  • Ever since Abby was told that Nolan "MIGHT" come visit us sometime in Arizona she talks about it all the time. One day after fielding questions on exactly when he would be coming, I told her I didn't even know if he could come at all. Well, she got very upset and Andrew went to comfort her. The next day in the car she looked at me with her big eyes and said, "Mommy I am NEVER giving up on Nolan. He is my best friend and I love him, so I just can't give up on him!" I get teary eyed even as I write this.
  • Our friend Becca and her baby girl Hailey are visiting. For some reason Abby has had a hard time remembering Hailey's name so she refers to her as "that one". And when she is talking about Hailey and Olivia its "that small one" and "that big one".

Monday, September 21, 2009

Abby's Birthday

On Abby's actual birthday we were very busy doing all things Abby. My Dad was in town for the weekend so he was able to help us celebrate. We let Abby pick what she wanted to do for the day and the first activity she chose was bowling. So to the bowling alley we went. After bowling Abby wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. Then, we headed home so Olivia could nap and Abby, Andrew and Papi went swimming in the pool. We had pizza for dinner, followed by ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone for dessert. We finished up the day with a spin on the new bike. It was a great day celebrating with my 4 year old princess!!!

The girls at the bowling alley. The bowling shoes go really well with the birthday dress!
Olivia was thrilled with the bowling
Abby opening some presents. She was so sweet and all "thank yous". Especially to Olivia who got her some roll-on perfume!
Olivia eating the presents, I mean helping open the presents.

Papi and Abby with the yummy cupcakes
Abby chose a pink one, big surprise.

A few birthday girl shots

My 4 year old!!
Family shot

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Arizona House

So here are some pics of the house we are renting in Tempe. We absolutely LOVE the house, its spacious, the layout is great, its nice and open, the kitchen is awesome, the extra bedrooms are very large, and the master bedroom closet is to die for! These pictures are from when we came to look for houses and the first day we were here before the movers got here. Although we have unpacked most of the boxes, we still have some finishing touches to do like hang more pictures and some other little things. But, we are open for visitors so if you are going to be in the Phoenix area let us know, we would love to have you visit!!

Formal dining room attached to formal living room
Looking at the staircase/hall from the living room

Guest/Main Floor Bathroom

Guest Bedroom--main floor
Family room opens up to the kitchen
Master Bath
Master Bedroom Closet

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Summer Concert in the Park

We went to the last summer concert in the park before we left Colorado. It was a U2 tribute band that didn't sound much like U2 at all. It didn't matter though because we had fun despite the bad signing. Our "neighbors" John and Bree and their boys were there too, we had a picnic dinner, there was lots of dancing, and the kids had a blast!

Andrew dancing with his girls
Declan and Abby....they were best buds all summer long!
Aiden and Abby taking a break from dancing

Bree and myself with the babies, Olivia and Rylan

The guys...John, Andrew and George aka Papi
Papi and Olivia enjoying the tunes
My dancing baby

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Crazy Girls!

These pictures were taken one night right before bedtime. There must have been something in the bath water that night because despite the fact that it was late and both girls were tired, they both got a second wind. They were cracking up and being crazy, it was so cute to watch!! They really love each other a lot and it just makes my heart happy to see them interacting so well together. I love my girls, even if they are crazy!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Abby's Colorado Birthday Party

We decided to have Abby's birthday party early this year while we were still in Colorado. She had made a lot of friends in the neighborhood and since we were moving so close to her real birthday we didn't think we would know too many people here yet. It was perfect! We had a water-themed party; the kiddos did the slip-n-slide, played splash-out, went in the hot-tub, and there was even a pinata! Abby had a fantastic time with all of her friends and of course made out like a bandit! It was nice to be able to share her birthday festivities with my family for once as well!

We got a cupcake "cake". It was awesome, no slicing necessary. Fast and easy, just the way I like it!!


Some of the boys playing splash-out

Hanging out in the hot tub

Abby and Ellen sneaking a look at the cake

The birthday girl!!!!

Mmm, chocolate cupcakes
Pinata time!

Daddy sneaking some love!

I didn't know Madonna was invited. Oh wait, that's Andrew!
Declan and Abby enjoying some of the pinata loot
Opening presents

Abby and Aidan were all tuckered out. They fell asleep up in the loft watching some tv after the party was over!
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