Monday, April 28, 2008

Enjoying the weather

Since we have been home from Colorado the weather has been absolutely beautiful. We have definitely been taking advantage of it over the last few days.

We went to a play date over at Tara's house. The kids had a blast in the pool splashing around and going down the water slide!

Enjoying some snacks after a dip in the pool.

Abby and Nolan searching for rocks in the water.

An ice cream cone treat

Enjoying dinner out on the patio.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Colorado trip

Long time, no post...sorry about that. We just spent 2 wonderful weeks in Colorado visiting with my family. We had a really good time and the weather was a bit bi-polar. We had 2 snow storms while we were there but also a couple of 80 degree days with everything in between. That is Colorado weather for you! Here are a few pictures from our trip, I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked but then again I don't have the most cooperative subject at the moment. Enjoy!

Here is Abby trying on her hat and gloves we had to buy due to the weather. She also enjoyed wearing Grammy Jane's pink reading glasses around. I have no idea how she could see, but she loved them!

Andrew was able to try his hand a guitar hero against my dad. I think they were enjoying themselves a bit too much. Abby also liked to play. She would ask Uncle Duke if she could rock out with him. And when she was done she would tell him she was all done doing the rock and roll.

My sister Greta and me at one of Duke's high school hockey games.

I was able to visit my friend Jennifer from high school, and she had her baby just in time for us to meet her! She was less than 2 weeks old and just adorable, not to mention tiny! Baby Jasmine was so little I was a bit afraid to hold her. Her sister Tina and her 7 month old daughter, Jocelyn also came over. It was great visiting with the girls although, like always, the visit was too short. This isn't the best picture but it was the best we could get. It is impossible to get a picture of 6 girls!!

I had the privilege of going to 2 Avalanche hockey play-off games while I was home and they won both of them. I went to the first game with my "little" brother Duke, and the next game with my sister Greta. We had a blast at both games and I think I should be required to attend all future 2008 play-off games since they won while I was there, I had to be the good luck charm ;)

I signed up to be designated driver at the Av's game (big sacrifice, I know, considering I am pregnant). But, the perk of being the DD is that you get a coupon for a free soda. Well, I will not be wasting my time again, I got my free soda and just started cracking up. It was more like a shot of soda, it was literally 2 sips of soda. What a joke!!

During one of the snow storms we took Abby to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. We took the twins, Mikey and Ana out of school early for the exciting event. I would love to have a live-in 11 year old, these kids were so much help and Abby wouldn't leave their side. I was actually able to sit down and rest while they took her to play on all of the rides! I think Ana may have had more fun than be the judge!

One day we took Abby to Monkey Buziness. It has all kinds of inflatables for kids to climb and jump around on. Little did I know that I would be "playing" too because although Abby really enjoyed herself she didn't want to do anything by herself. I had to climb around with her and I was exhausted afterward, it was a bit of a work out! After we were done playing we headed to lunch. Abby didn't want to go to lunch, she said she wasn't hungry but when we pulled into the McDonald's parking lot she said to me "Mommy, the baby in MY belly is hungry. Do you think she likes chicken nuggets?" I was cracking up!

Abby climbing up the ladder for the big, huge slide. Don't let the picture fool you, she did not do this by herself. I had to climb up and slide down every time and of course this was her favorite thing to do.

They even had a place to little kids to play. Abby was at that in between age where she could play in either spot, but it was nice that they had a place for the younger kids to play while the older kids could run around and be crazy.

And here is Abby in the snow. Of course we weren't prepared for the weather but Abby really liked the snow. She was in awe of the snow. It was beautiful but I am not going to lie, I don't really miss dealing with the spring snow storms in Colorado!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Strawberry picking--2nd Annual

Last week we headed to Akers Farm for some strawberry picking. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and in the high 70s. We met up with Nolan, Sam, Brian, and Brian's parents and there were also some other folks there that we knew from playgroup. Of course Abby and Nolan hung out the whole time, they are like 2 peas in a pod...very cute! Anyway, we got our fair share of strawberries and the u-pick price is much better than anything we had seen in the stores. Abby spent most of her time eating rather than picking, but she enjoyed herself so that is all that matters.

2 kids on a mission for some strawberries

The first pick of the season

Its a beauty!!

Here is Abby eating away!

After we were done picking we went inside to the concession stand and let the kiddos have some ice cream with fresh strawberries. It was a yummy treat, but as you can see from their expressions I don't think they enjoyed themselves one bit ;)

Some things never change: Although bigger, stronger, smarter, and wiser....she still can't wait to taste those strawberries!!! Can you believe what a difference one short year can make?? My baby is growing up way too fast!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Visitors from across the pond

We were lucky enough to have a brief visit with Becca and Wes while they are here in the states from Germany for a few weeks. We had a great time together, chatting and catching up, and Abby just loved being a little mother to Wes. On the flip side, baby Wes was very entertained watching Abby play! We were very busy for the few days they were here. We went to the zoo, the beach and did a lot of shopping. It was a wonderful visit, although too short like always. That's ok though beacuse they will be back sometime in June....yay!!!

(Of course I didn't get any pictures of Bec, I guess we were too focused on the time!)

Wes really like the beach, more specifically, the sand. He was eating it and couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough! It was too funny and very cute, although, it was making Becca crazy!

Let's bury baby Wes!

Let's bury Abby now!!

Getting in some big sister practice.
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