Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a very wonderful Easter, hope you all did too! Abby woke up and wanted to see what the bunny brought right away, so we headed downstairs to check out her Easter basket. She was not disappointed, how does that Easter Bunny know her so well??

Do you like the bed head?? That is what I have to tame every morning :)

New shades, maybe these ones will actually keep the bright Florida sun out of her eyes!

After the exciting Easter basket it was time to get ready for church. Abby was all dressed up in her Easter "ballerina dress" that Mommy picked out last year and got on clearance (patting my own back), and it fit perfectly! The service was lovely and after church we went to Dairy Queen for an early lunch before going home to get ready for a house full of guests for Easter dinner!

We had about 10 people over for ham and all the fixings. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the spread or very many of our guests. I guess I was busy trying to keep up with a 2 1/2 year old. We also did an Easter Egg hunt for Abby and Nolan and they were just too cute! As you can see Nolan is still in his Easter best, but Abby's dress didn't last....she was too interested in getting dirty so we opted for more play-friendly clothing. But, her shirt does have bunnies on it and she wore her ears during the egg hunt, so she was still festive!

We had a delicious dinner and I was lucky enough to have both the kiddos come over and sit on my lap unprompted. It was very cute! I love these kids!!

After dinner some of our friends took a whirl on Andrew's new Wii. I think they enjoyed themselves!! That thing can get addictive!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

2nd Annual Easter Egg Dash

On Saturday we headed down to the base for an Easter Egg Hunt. Like I said last year, its more of an Easter Egg Dash than a hunt. They just put the eggs out on the ground, they don't really hide them, then there is a free for all to see who can get the most eggs. The eggs were filled with goodies and Abby couldn't have been happier with her loot! After the festivities we headed over to the park where Abby and Nolan played for a bit and then it was off to Destin for lunch. After lunch we hit up the Honey Baked Ham store in search of a last minute Easter ham. Much to our surprise they didn't laugh us out of the store when we told them we didn't reserve our Ham last year, and they actually had some left!! When we got home we colored Easter Eggs, it was a great day!

Waiting for the Easter Egg hunt to start

A little good luck kiss

See what I mean about the eggs not being hidden? Oh well, the kids enjoyed it anyway!

Here is Abby getting ready to dye Easter Eggs. She did really well and the mess was kept to a minimum. After the eggs had been decorated she asked Andrew what we were supposed to do with the eggs now, and Andrew told her we could eat them. Well, of course she wanted one right then, so Andrew peeled her an egg. She was very excited and took a big bite, but much to her disappointment it didn't taste like the chocolate whopper eggs she had been eating earlier! Needless, to say we still have 11 colorful hardboiled eggs in our fridge!

Nathans Birthday Party

Last weekend we went to Nathans 3rd birthday party, and boy was it a lot of fun! It was actually a birthday party for 3, 3 year olds and the families that put it on did a great job. There were 2 bouncy castles, a clown that did face painting and made balloons, tons of food, a popcorn machines and a wonderful goodie bag filled with loads of, well, goodies! Abby had a great time and the weather was perfect! By the way, thanks Sam for the pictures...I am a ding-dong and forgot my camera!!

Abby had a fish painted on her face by the clown.

The kids enjoying some popcorn, I am pretty sure that is about all Abby had for lunch!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Girl Bed

This post is a bit overdue considering Abby has been sleeping in her big girl bed for over a month now! We finally switched Abby over to a big bed that we got from Tristan (thanks again Nadia), it was mostly laziness on my part that we waited so long. Abby never attempted to crawl out of her crib so there was never really a pressing need to move her. She LOVES her big girl bed and she is very proud of herself for her big accomplishment! I was so worried about moving her to a bed, I thought she would roam around her room at all hours of the night and none of us would ever sleep again. Boy was I wrong! She slept soundly starting the first night, and it wasn't until yesterday morning that she actually got out of bed before I came into the room to get her! I don't know if she didn't realize the freedom the bed provided or if she just likes to wait for me, either way it has worked out great. This morning I was able to sneak into her room and get a few shots of her sleeping in her big girl bed.

Monday, March 10, 2008

As some of you know...

Yep, that's right...I am pregnant. It is still early, but in the day of the internet its hard to keep things like this a secret. I am 8 weeks along and having some pretty nasty morning sickness, which is actually all day sickness. Other than that, all is fine and we couldn't be happier! Our due date is October 21st and we will keep you updated on all the rest as we find out! :)
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