Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Casa Bonita

No trip to Colorado is complete without a trip to good 'ol Casa Bonita. Oh, what a nightmare. I have fond memories of this place as a kid, but experiencing it as an adult is a whole other ballgame. The food is terrible and extremely overpriced. The lines are long and the service leaves something to be desired. The kids on the other hand had a blast! We went with my brother and sister and their friend Sydney. Abby did not like the long line to get the food, and getting her to eat after we were sat was wishful thinking, she was too interested in everything else the place had to offer. They have cliff divers, arcades, old time photos, puppet shows, a mariachi band, a scary cave to explore, a gift shop and more! Abby loved the cliff divers, she still talks about the man who jumps into the water and makes a big splash. By the time we left Abby was overtired and hungry, I think we will wait a few years before we go back!!

Here we are watching the "man jump" during one of the many diving shows
Here is Abby exploring Black Barts cave, she wasn't even scared!
"Hanging out, waiting to go explore"


Amy Scofield said...

The things kids enjoy that adults don't....

Andrew said...

All I keep thing about is that South Park episode!!! Too bad I never had the pleasure of going there.

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