Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September's Random Ramblings

  • The first night Abby slept in her big girl bed, she asked if she was a big girl. When I told her yes she was, she replied with well, can I drive now too?
  • Abby has been learning/talking about the weather in school. One day she asked me if it was "froggy" outside. It took me a minute to realize she meant foggy!
  • We were getting ready to have our pictures taken and Abby didn't want to have her hair brushed. So in an attempt to get her to cooperate, Andrew asked her if she wanted to brush his hair first. She looked at him like he was crazy, then smiled and said, "Daddy, you don't have any hair, but I will brush your fur for you!"
  • Andrew told Abby he was going to "brush her hair out" after her tubby and she got a very concerned look on her face and asked him why he was was going to brush her hair out of her head! They take everything so literally :)
  • Abby and I were outside playing one day and she was chatting away. Some of it was nonsensical so I was only half listening when something caught my ear. She said, I want to go do that with my other family. I asked her who her other family was and she said, you know, Nolan and miss Sam!!


Sam and Brian said...

Okay, I've officially held off copying for a few months, but this is such a great idea, that I may have to steal it!! :)

Calla said...

She is hilarious. This is a great idea, I would steal it if I had a blog! Love these entries!

Kendalls said...

These are my favorite blog posts! She is so funny! And how sweet for Sam that she is her other family!

Bengela said...

entertaining as always :)

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