Friday, September 12, 2008

Abby's Birthday Party

Abby's birthday celebrations ended on Sunday with her birthday party. Since Andrew was deployed last year on her birthday, we skipped having a party when she turned 2 (but she did have a good birthday and was spoiled rotten). This year we decided to go all out and invited 12 kids and had an arts and crafts themed party. We did sheet painting, sidewalk chalk, window painting, and some coloring on the "table cloth" restaurant style. This was all followed up by decorating your own cupcake. I think that was the biggest hit, we had all different colors/kinds of sprinkles and the kids got very creative. After the crafts and some playing, we opened all the wonderful gifts from Abby's friends. I think Abby had a blast and the party was a big success!! Thank you to everyone near and far who helped make Abby's 3rd birthday so special :)

The birthday girl before the party started

Sheet painting

Decorating cupcakes

Opening presents

Abby and Libby.
Libby was the only other girl besides Abby, the rest of the guests were boys...11 of them!!


The Scofields said...

Awwww These are great, Cheyna!! I wish we could have been there. I'm so glad she had a fantastic fun-filled Big 3! And, so glad Andy was there for it this year.

Sam and Brian said...

It was a fantastic party, and we're so happy we got to help her celebrate!

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