Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Abigail

My Dearest Abigail,

Well, another year has flown by and my baby is now 3 years old! I can hardly believe it. So much has changed in the past year, yet a lot has stayed the same. You are still strong willed and have an opinion about everything, you talk non-stop, your favorite color is still pink and you will forever be a girly-girl! Your love for dresses, make-up, and all things princess has intensified while your dependence on me has waned. You have made the conversion from a crib, to a toddler bed, and finally a big girl bed! You are fully potty trained and have even began closing the door on me sometimes, so as to have your privacy while you are doing your business. You are going to preschool and learning new things all the time. You have a love for learning and reading that I hope you will keep through out your life. You love to help in the kitchen and may have even surpassed your mom in cooking skills (all thanks to your Dad and Grandpa Pete). You have a kind and gentle spirit and you love to "take care" of people and things around you. And although you have become more independent in many ways, you still come to me or Daddy in times of need. You still love to snuggle in the morning and before bed. You still need a kiss and some extra attention when you fall down and get hurt, or when you are sick. And when your independence has peaked, you look up with your wide eyes and long lashes, throw your arms around one of us and say "I love you" totally unprompted, just as a reminder to us that we are still needed and loved.

Your birthday this year is bittersweet for me. As we await the arrival of your little sister anxiously, I secretly enjoy and cherish my one on one mommy time with you. I know you will be a wonderful big sister, but I am going to relish this birthday since it will be your last as an only child. We are about to embark on a wonderful adventure and it's a task I know you are up for. A lot of things will change and I am just so happy that we are able to focus solely on you for something as special as your birthday one last time before we become a family of 4.

Abigail, you inspire me to be a better person; you remind me to be kind to those around me; and you make me smile and laugh out loud on a daily basis. My life wouldn't be the same if you hadn't came into it 3 short years ago. I am the luckiest Mommy in the world. So, with that Happy Birthday my little princess, I am going to continue to enjoy watching you grow, just don't let it happen too quickly!

All the love in my heart,
Mommy Cheyna


The Morgans said...

you have a way with words, cheyna! happy birthday to abby!

Sam and Brian said...

Wow, I'm going for a box of kleenex. Happy Birthday Abby, and congrats Mommy, to another year. You are such a wonderful mother!

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

Happy Birthday, Abby! That was beautiful, Cheyna! Made me cry. I need to go kiss my little one, now. :o)

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

Hi Cheyna and Andrew!! And Happy Birthday Abigail:) Nice to *see* you guys. What a pleasant surprise to see your message on our blog. Sounds like things are going well!! And Congrats on baby sis to come!

The Bouy Blog said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!
That was a great letter!!

Bengela said...

Thanks for making me need to get me one of those :)

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