Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby Shower in Colorado

During my trip to Colorado my step mom Jane, and my sister Greta threw me a wonderful baby shower. A few of my friends from high school who still live in the area were able to come as well as a some from college who happened to be in Colorado for a wedding and lots of other friends and family were there as well! It was fun to catch up with some old friends and everyone spoiled me, the baby, and Abby! Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts and for celebrating the new life that is about to join the Vrabec family!!

The Vrabec girls were spoiled!!
The yummy spread

Calla, Jill and myself. They were in town for a wedding that happened to be the same day as Kristi's. It was so good to see them both, they both look great! Congrats to Jill too, she is due with her first little one (a boy) exactly 2 months after me (Dec. 21st)!!
Josie and myself, I have known her since kindergarten!

Josie, myself, and Erica
Some of the guests sitting around chatting

Opening some gifts

Abby was a big help opening all the presents....she is a pro!!

This is some makeup that Abby got as a gift and it was a huge hit and a huge mess!

You can't really tell in this picture but she has the goopy makeup all over her face! She was having a ball being a girly girl!

First thing the next morning she got into the makeup again, you can see it all over the left side of her face! Needless to say, we "accidentally" left all the remaining makeup in Colorado :)

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The Bouy Blog said...

Hey Chy!! It was great seeing you and finally meeting your adorable little girl!! i am so excited for your new little one to arrive! i wish you all the happiness! My sister sent me your blog (hope you dont mind) and i got the idea to do one for my thank you for giving me the idea. (hope you dont mind that i kinda stole your idea about doing a blog..but it really is a cool way to get people you dont see a glimpse into your life!

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