Thursday, September 04, 2008

Seaside, FL

A few weekends ago we didn't really know what to do with our day and we were a bit stir crazy from the rain the couple of days before so we headed down to Seaside. It was really pretty and peaceful. It is a one half mile stretch of beach with 9 pavilion's leading from the street to the beach. There are also shops and restaurants along the way. We had lunch at Bud and Alley's on a recommendation from a shop owner and it lived up to its recommendation. We sat on the roof top deck that had amazing views of the beach below. I would love to go there sometime at night with Andrew for dinner without any kids, but for lunch it was very kid/family friendly and a great choice. After lunch we headed down to the beach to play in the water. The surf was a bit rough from the remnants of Hurricane Fay but it made for some great pictures and Abby had an absolute blast! After splashing in the water and change of clothes we stopped for some ice cream on the way home. It was a wonderful family day!!

This was taken on the rooftop deck at Bud and Ally's.

Playing on the beach. Abby got soaked but she had a blast and we had a change of clothes so it all worked out!!


Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

What is Abby going to do if ya'll move to somewhere without a beach?!

Sam and Brian said...

These are all GREAT pictures!!! Looks like lots of fun, if we ever have another rain-free day we may steal this idea :)

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