Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta

Over the long holiday weekend we decided to go visit some friends who live up near Atlanta. Jon and Amy were stationed at Hanscom with us and Jon and Andrew went to the Academy together. They have a little boy, Gabriel who is just a few days younger than Abby and we hadn't seen them since the kids were babies. It was great spending time with them and the kids got along so well! Here are some pictures from our weekend. We were very busy and did a lot over the few days we were there, we just had a blast! Enjoy the pictures, I tried to pick just a few but you know how that goes ;)

The kiddos in the bath

Snuggling on the couch

On Saturday we went into the city and went to the Atlanta Children's Museum. The kids had a blast!

Abby playing dress up and dancing in front of the big mirror.

At the "circus" in the museum

Catching some fish

Playing in the tree house

Wall painting

The finished masterpiece

Daddy and Abby playing with moon sand. This stuff is really cool. It looks just like sand but the consistency is something between sand and play doh. I think Andrew had just as much fun playing with this stuff as Abby and Gabriel did.

Leaving the museum. Aren't they cute holding hands??

After the museum we went to Chick-fil-a for a very late lunch. Abby went to play in the playground and when we went to check on her she was crying hysterically. She said she was scared and it turned out that she had a little bit of an accident since she couldn't figure out how to get down. I don't carry clothes in my diaper bag anymore because she has been accident free for so long, but thankfully Gabriel had a change of clothes for her to borrow, so crisis averted. I guess this is what our child would look like if we had a boy!!

On Sunday we went to 6 flags. It was a lot fun, but it was hot! The kids had a blast riding on all the rides and Abby had no fear of any of them. She even wanted to ride the roller coaster but the line was too long. I got a touch of heat stroke and spent the better part of the day inside in the air conditioning sipping on water.

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Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

I love the one of them holding hands! I had to copy it to my desktop. We had so much fun visiting with ya'll! Sorry I was gone so much. But, thank you for visiting!!

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