Saturday, September 13, 2008

Abby's "Big" Present

For Abby's birthday we decided to get her a big girl bed. Well, at first it wasn't really for her birthday, but we happened to get a good deal on a very cute bed right before her birthday and thought it would be fun to have this be her big birthday surprise. Since Susan was in town she was able to get in on the idea and purchased the bedding and rug which was a huge help :)

I know Abby may seem young for a big girl bed, but I knew she was ready because she slept in a regular bed at both my mom and my dad's house when we were out visiting in Colorado. And, she LOVES her new bed. She had absolutely no problems adjusting to the new bed and wants to show everyone who comes over her new big girl bed.

Along with the big girl bed, Abby has began to refuse sitting in the booster seat. She insists she is a big girl and only wants to sit on a regular chair, just like Mommy and Daddy. I knew turning 3 was a big milestone, but I didn't realize what a big girl she would become almost overnight!

The big girl bed before the birthday girl saw it.

I think she likes it!

The new rug was a big hit too!

The first night in the big girl bed


The Scofields said...

That is such a cute bed!! What a big girl. :o(

Tracy said...

Check out the Kaboost at Babies R Us. It's a great alternative to a booster seat!

The Bouy Blog said...

So cute!!! I bet she is very excited to have her Big Girl Bed!! She is so cute!!

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