Thursday, September 18, 2008

I guess you could call it a trial run

Well, I had my first visit to the hospital for baby related issues yesterday afternoon. Before I go any further everything is FINE with me and the baby is doing great. Bits of the following story may be too much information for some so feel free to skip this post, if not just know that I warned you! Its really not all that gross its just bodily functions related so I feel I owe a warning.

Anyhow, it all started yesterday afternoon when I went to the bathroom and realized my pee was not the right color. It was a weird orange color (like pee mixed with blood). I didn't have any other symptoms but I was so startled by the strange color that I decided to call the doctor just to put my mind at ease, I just didn't want to be worried all night. So, I put in the call thinking they would say everything is fine but after answering all the nurses questions I seemed to have her stumped. So, she told me to come in to be checked out and monitored just to be on the safe side. So, I dropped Abby off at work with Andrew (which she was really excited about, because she has always wanted to "go to work") and headed to labor and delivery at the base hospital. When I pulled up to the hospital I realized I had no idea where labor and delivery was. I wandered around the nearly empty first floor of the hospital till I finally ran into someone who worked there and asked where labor and delivery was. After heading up to the 3rd floor, I was taken into a triage room and asked for a urine sample and then hooked up to the machines to monitor the baby. Right away the nurse assured me that everything with the baby looked wonderful. After that I spoke to the doctor and went through all my symptoms to include the horrible back pain I have had the last couple of days. They took some blood and ran a few tests.

Long story short, everything was fine just as I had thought. The final verdict is that I may have passed a VERY SMALL (teeny, tiny) kidney stone. There was a also a small amount of protein in my urine but nothing to be concerned about and that may have caused the strange color. Basically, they don't really know what was wrong but they do know it was nothing serious and the baby and myself are perfectly fine. So, basically it was just a four hour stay at the hospital so that I could find out exactly where labor and delivery was and to see the little one's heartbeat and movements and confirm that the tightening I have been feeling are braxton hicks! I am very relieved nothing serious was wrong and I am very grateful to Sam and Brian for being such wonderful friends and taking care of Abby after Andrew was done at work so that he could be with me at the hospital. Thank you guys!!

Hopefully next time you read about me being in the hospital, I will be sent home with a beautiful baby girl in my arms!!!


Susan said...

Glad all is OK!!! Grammy

Tracy said...

Glad it wasn't anything serious. I had a similar experience with my second pregnancy. I started spotting so they wanted me to come in. I got to tour labor and delivery and everything was just fine!

Kendalls said...

Glad to know your urine and vraby baby II are ok!!

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