Friday, October 03, 2008


Last Saturday we met some friends at the Oktoberfest here in Crestview. We went last year and were a bit disappointed by the fact that it wasn't a "true Oktoberfest" but more of a just a carnival. Since we knew there would be no brats or beer, Sam planned ahead and invited us and the Irvines over to their place after the carnival for some more traditional German fare. The carnival was even smaller than it was last year, there were only a few rides for the kids, but they didn't seem to mind. In fact, I think they enjoyed it more this year than last year since they are older and appreciate the rides more now. We were able to buy a wristband for unlimited rides and they just rode the same 3 or 4 rides over and over again and were none the wiser! I am sure we won't be able to get away with that in a few years, but this time it worked out perfectly!!! And, even though it left something to be desired for the adults, it was a fun day for the kids and that's what really counts!!!

Don't they looked thrilled?? They actually really liked this ride and rode it several times.

Rob was a sport and rode with the kids. He looks just about as thrilled as Abby and Nolan do in the above picture!

The "fun house". There were 2 fun house type rides and one of them had a mirror maze. It was quite humorous watching the kids run into walls trying to find their way around. Well, it was funny till they got scared and started crying!! They did find their way through on their own a few times though.

Abby and Daddy riding the bumper cars, I think this was their favorite!!

Andrew wanted to ride the rust bucket you see in the background, but he couldn't convince any of us other sensible adults to join him. I thought it was going to fall apart every time it started to move, Andrew just said that was part of the fun. I am glad I had the pregnancy excuse to fall back on!

Family pic at the carnival in front of the trailers!!


Kendalls said...

Fun! Even I haven't been to Oktoberfest!

Susan said...

What fun! Love the new wallpaper!

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