Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fire station tour

Last week we toured the police and fire stations here in Crestview with the Mom and Me group we go to. It was less of a "tour" and more of just looking at the police car and fire truck, but that is fine since that is what the kids like anyway.

Abby and Nolan in the back of the police car. They are trouble makers, but this will be the only time we see them in the back of this kind of car!!

In the firetruck

(This is for Susan)

At the end of the "tour" all the kids got fire hats, beach balls and sheriff stickers.


Susan said...

Love the pictures - thank you for the bulldog pic. Love, Grammy and Sophie (the bulldog)

The Scofields said...

These are really cute. Such an easy way to entertain a little one...take them to see firetrucks!

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