Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Wes

We had the pleasure of celebrating baby Wes' 1st birthday last Saturday night. We were very fortunate that the Kendall's happened to be in town on this special day. We didn't do anything too elaborate, but the kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves and that is all that really matters. Wes was not very interested in opening his presents but Abby and Nolan willingly helped out in that department. The cake on the other hand was a big hit! Wes LOVED it and dug right in without any hesitation!

Happy Birthday baby Wes! You are such a sweet, easygoing, handsome little fella and you can light up the room with your smile! I hope the next year is just as sweet as your first!

1 comment:

Sam and Brian said...

I've never seen a baby dig into a cake like Wes did, what a cutie!

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