Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July's Ramdom Ramblings

  • Abby was sitting on the couch with an icepack for one of her boo-boo's. (She really didn't need the icepack but, it has princesses on it, and they always help you feel better!) In her most dramatic voice she exclaimed to me "This ALWAYS happens to me!" referring to getting boo-boo's. Its tough being two!!
  • Abby has a bad habit of sticking her hair in her mouth or her nose. Whenever I tell her to take her hair out of mouth or her nose she just looks at me and says "Oh, sorry Mommy." I don't even think she realizes she is doing it.
  • Lately, when Abby gets in trouble for something and she starts crying she has been saying "Zoe got a boo-boo". I have no idea what this means or where it came from. When she finally figured out that wasn't having any effect on us she is now telling me I scared her when she gets in trouble.
  • Abby had just gotten out of the tub and she was standing on her stool getting ready to brush her teeth with just her towel on. She started twisting and smiling at herself in the mirror and then said to me, "look at my boobies. What do you think they are for?" I responded with "well, everyone has them." She then looked at me and said "Well, Nolan doesn't!"
  • We took Abby for a walk and Abby asked if she could marry me. I told Andrew about it one night at dinner and she was listening (as they always do) and then said "Well, I can marry Mommy and Daddy!" I guess she felt sorry for leaving Andrew out!


Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

These are so sweet. I'm loving this age and what comes out of their mouths!

Kendalls said...

LOVE the ramblings! So glad you are keeping a journal of these for her!

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