Monday, June 30, 2008

June's Random Ramblings

I need a place to write down all the random funny stories and things Abby does and says so I have decided to try to make this a monthly post. This will be more for me than for the readers, although I am sure you will kick out of some of things Abby comes up with. I am just going to keep a running list through out the month and publish it at month's end. Hope you enjoy!!

  • We were driving in the car the other day and Abby was inspecting her legs. All of a sudden she said, "Mommy, I have fur just like Daddy!"
  • Abby has been very sweet to her little sister and will sometimes give my belly a kiss or sing the baby a song.
  • Abby has been very into the whole princess thing lately and the other night at dinner she said to me, "I am all done with my dinner your highness". I could get used to that!!
  • Abby and I were at open gym and she was playing with a little girl who was about a year older than her. She asked the little girl her name, and told her "my name is Abby". And then she pointed to me and said "this is my Cheyna and she is very friendly."
  • We went to Orlando this month and stayed in a hotel. Every time we were out and I said it was time to go home, Abby would correct me and say "Mommy that is a hotel, it is NOT our home!"
  • If I ask Abby what color hair she has she always replies, "golden". The other day I asked her what color Daddy's hair is and she looked at me like I had 4 heads and said, "He doesn't have any hair!"
  • Abby has pretty much boycotted breakfast. She just doesn't want to eat in the morning and I am past forcing her to sit in her chair and listening to her cry and still not eating anything. I still ask her if she is hungry or wants to eat anything in the morning to which she replys, "No thank you, my tummy is not grumbling." I just can't argue with that logic!


Susan said...

I keep forgetting - is she 3 or 13? See you soon!

Sam and Brian said...

Her hair is indeed golden! LOL, she's too funny and so smart!!

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