Monday, July 21, 2008

Donovan's 1st Birthday Celebrations

We had yet another 1st birthday to celebrate this month. Jake and Jamie's little boy Donovan turned one last week. They invited us and some other folks to Hooters for dinner on the night of his actual birthday and then we went to his party on Saturday. Hooters was a lot of fun, we got a very cute picture of Donovan with all the Hooter's girls and they were doing some kind of cruise promotion so there was dancing and other activities. Nolan and Abby got in on the fun and were following the Hooter's girls all around the restaurant and dancing, it was very cute! The birthday party was also a lot of fun and a big success. Thanks Jake and Jamie for including us in the festivities!!
Now that is a ladies man if I've ever seen one!

Jake, Donovan, and Jamie

Abby dancing around Hooters

Donovan opening his presents

Abby and Nolan in the dog's kennel at the party!

We tried to get a picture of all the kiddos at the party but it was nearly impossible. This is the best we could do.

Abby and Nolan sat nicely together on the couch after the fact, stinkers!


Sam and Brian said...

I swear the kids are sassing us by behaving after the fact. Cute pics, I'm so behind on mine...

Kendalls said...

Wes just asked me why he didn't get his picture taken with the Hooter's girls! I didn't think he'd noticed!! Abby and Nolan definitely plan their next moves together!

Kim and Matt said...

What is it with kids and dog kennels??? Ha Ha Avery, Tanner and Evan have the same photo from Easter 2007. They crack me up! Hope all is well with the pregnancy!

Jen Coppock said...

That's too darn cute! I think all the Daddies, Uncles, etc. are gonna be jealous of this one! I just might have to steal that idea for Trev!

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