Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Crab Island

We took our first boat trip of the summer out to Crab Island a few weekends ago. It seemed like a perfect opportunity because John, Becca and Wes were in town and the weather was perfect. Both the kiddos did really well on the boat and Abby wanted to be in the water the whole time we were anchored out at Crab Island. She has turned into quite the little fish these days! I spent a little time in the water but then I got stung by a jelly fish. It didn't hurt as bad as I would have thought (it was probably a small one), but it was enough to get me out of the water. The boys stayed in with the kids and went for a walk to see the huge bouncy slide they have. It was too steep for Abby to go down and she was very disappointed. While the boys had the kids, I was hanging out on the boat with Becca and Wes and it was a bit rocky. My pregnant stomach couldn't handle it any longer and I began to throw up off the side of the boat. The boys came back just in time and we headed back to shore. Even with the couple of mishaps, we had a great day and I can't wait to go back out!!

Abby and Daddy at Crab Island

Wes on the boat

The daddy's and the kids

Abby helping Daddy drive the boat back to shore


Susan said...

She is a little fish!!! Looks like you had fun!

Sam and Brian said...

It's such a bummer about the jellyfish. Abby looks like a great boat driver! :)

momto2boys said...

Good Times!! Love the pics!! :)

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