Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sneaky Pete

We had a repeat of last week in Destin, except this time we had Sam and Nolan along for the fun. First we went to the free movie which was Surf's Up. It was very cute, but I think it was still a little too grown up and long for the kiddos. In fact, I think Sam and I enjoyed it more than they did! After the movie we hit up the splash pad so the kids could run around and burn off some energy while they stayed cool. Sam and I weren't so lucky, I can't speak for her, but I was HOT! It wasn't overcast like it was last week and I just wasn't able to stand it for as long. After a while we headed to Panera for lunch and that is where the title of the post comes into play.

The kids had been good during lunch but for some reason they wanted to take their shoes off in the restaurant. This is actually a running theme for Abby and she usually asks first and is pretty good about listening to me when I say no. Anyway, we got through all our lunch and we were sharing a cookie and the kids started acting a bit weird. They were turning away from Sam and I and giggling, I didn't think much of it. But then, Sam noticed that Nolan's shoes were off and he got in a little bit of trouble for not listening. All the while, I was oblivious and until I got up to do something I hadn't noticed Abby's shoes were off too. She was totally letting Nolan take the fall for something they both did wrong! I gave Abby a talking to as well and as we were getting ready to leave the man at the table next to us started to chuckle and said to us "I just have to say, I was very entertained watching you all during your lunch. I was trying to figure out who was in charge." I said to him, "Well, obviously its the two 2 year olds!" And then he said to me, "Yeah, I figured as much. Especially when the little girl turned her head from you as she was taking off her shoes and said under her breath, well Mommy can't see me now." What a sneaky little girl!!!! We all had a good laugh, but I think I am in trouble in the years to come if she is already thinking like that!


Susan said...

Oh, my!! She is something else!!!

Sam and Brian said...

You tell the story much better than my rendition, I'll have to send this to Brian :) They sure are sneaky!!

The Smiths said...

Peyton and I laughed so hard when we read that! Just wait till she gets older and the sneakiness gets worse! You are really going to have your hands full!

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