Friday, July 18, 2008

Adult Night Out

While we had a house full of guests we were able to sneak out on the town one night without the kids, thanks to Peter and Susan who stayed home to babysit. We went out to dinner at Blue Point in the Destin Commons. It was so nice to be able to relax and eat a non-rushed meal among good friends. Believe it or not this was also the first time that we have been out with both Sam and Brian at the same time without the kids! Crazy!! After dinner we stopped at Bit Burger for some German beer and then we headed home and the rest of the crew played some beer pong. It was a great night, something that doesn't happen nearly enough. Thanks again to Peter and Susan for watching all 3 kids so we could all go out, you guys are the best!

John and Becca at dinner

Jason peering out from between his bottles of wine!

Andrew and I at dinner

The gang at BitBurger

The boys with their liters :)

1 comment:

Kendalls said...

that was so much fun! what a surprise to end up in germany that night!

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