Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wisconsin trip continued...

Before I go through all the pictures we took at Erik's wedding I thought I would try to finish up the rest of our trip to Wisconsin. Here are a few of the highlights.

Andrew and Abby feeding the giraffe at Tibavati Wildlife Park

Feeding the goats
Abby and Grampa checking out some animals

Abby's dream house at Storybook Gardens :)

Abby and Andrew checking out the Polar Bear at the Madison Zoo.

Abby eating a Popsicle at Devil's Lake.

Playing in the sand at Devil's Lake.

Abby and Daddy at Devil's Lake.

We did have some down time while we were in Wisconsin, though not very much! Here is Abby playing with play-doh on Grammy and Grampa's front porch.

The fairy princess and her playhouse.

Helping Grampa cook. They made stir-fry this particular night and Andrew and I were actually in Madison having dinner out with Josh and Laura.

According to Abby the stir-fry didn't have enough ingredients and she insisted that what is was lacking was bananas and magic. So, in went the bananas and Abby waved her magic wand over the dish for a little dash of magic. I guess it worked well because from what we heard dinner was very yummy!

Family dinner on the front porch


Susan said...

We had wayyy too much fun while you were here- thank you for coming and for all of the wonderful memories- grammy (& grampa)

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

This looks like such a fun trip! So glad ya'll had a nice family vacation.

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