Thursday, June 19, 2008

Abby's got on her party dress...

...and she was ready to dance at the reception. Here are a few more pictures, these were taken at the reception which was a lot of fun and very beautiful. Erik recited a beautiful speech to his new bride and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. Abby did a wonderful job and was an angel all day long. She was finally ready to take off her dancing shoes and party dress and go to bed around 10 PM, which was fine by me as I was probably more worn out after the days activities than she was!!!

Playing the piano, the DJ just wasn't cutting it all by himself!!

Bustin' a move on the dance floor

I knew she had some ballet moves, but I didn't know she could break dance too!

The beautiful cake. The photographer caught Abby sticking her finger in the frosting before the cake was cut! Shhh, don't tell anyone!

Andrew was told the night before at the rehearsal dinner that part of his duties as best man would be to learn and LEAD a traditional Greek dance. It was very entertaining to watch Andrew try this after only about 20 minutes of practice. The dance is not nearly as easy as it may look on My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

And....she is spent. I tried to get one last picture of the flower girls and Abby was NOT having it. I was afraid it I waited any longer to take her to bed she her dress would turn to rags and her stroller into a pumpkin. We left shortly after this picture was taken, but we had a fantastic time!!


Sam and Brian said...

The first pic of you and Abby is a framer, for sure. You both are stunning! I adore the pic of Abby dancing, too!! You got some great shots (even if you didn't get to DO any shots):)

Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

And.....she's done. Precious. These are great pictures.

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