Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ohhhhh, We're Half Way There

Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, we're livin on a prayer.   

Ok, just be happy you are reading those lyrics rather than listening to me sing them because I have had that song stuck in my head all day long and you don't ever want to hear me sing.  I think it has something to do with being 20 weeks pregnant and being 1/2 way done.  It is a bit surreal, I don't feel like I have been pregnant for that long.  And, on the other hand, I feel like I have been pregnant forever. It seems like it was months ago that I was laying on the couch unable to move, let alone eat from the nausea.  Now, I am still dealing with bouts of nausea every once in a while but I have gotten my appetite back as well as my sweet tooth.  The heat and humidity have kicked in full force here in the redneck riviera, and I can tell that I am going to be pretty uncomfortable this summer.  I guess I will have to stay in the air conditioning or close to water (i.e- the beach or a pool) at all times!  The baby has been kicking a lot lately and Andrew was finally able to feel it for the first time while we were in Wisconsin.  The kicks are still pretty light on the outside but I can tell the baby is getting stronger and definitely more active.  Seems he/she is a bit ornery as well because he/she will be kicking up a storm and the minute I put my hand on my belly to feel from that vantage point all kicking ceases.  I guess our children really are in control from the very beginning :)  I know I said in a previous post that we were going to find out the sex of that baby at the ultrasound on June 10th, but that won't be the case.  Not because we aren't going to find out the sex.  Come on people, you know me better than that!  It's because we are going to find out earlier....I rescheduled my appointment due to some changes in Andrew's never ending TDY schedule and for once it has worked out to my benefit.  We moved the appointment up to this Thursday.  So, if the baby cooperates I will no longer have to type he/she and we will know whether to supplement the current pink wardrobe or start hitting the blue!!  I will keep you all posted.  (Ha, ha get it my blogging friends?)

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Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

I'm so happy for you three! I can't wait to hear the news on Thursday!! Either way, boy or girl...will be lucky to have such amazing parents and a sweet big sister.

Sam and Brian said...

Wow, I can't wait to find out!!! So glad you are at the half way mark, it'll be here before you know it.

momto2boys said...

:) How exciting I can't wait to hear... I voted boy...for absolutely no reason!! :) :)

Susan said...

Can't wait to hear! Love you - Grammy & Grampa

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