Monday, June 09, 2008

2 Must-haves

I spent today cleaning while Abby was at Mom's Day Out. I have found that there are 2 things that I won't be able to clean without in the future. All women should use these things every time they clean:

1. The magic eraser mop. This thing in AWESOME and I won't ever be cleaning my floors without it again!

2. A tiara. Because every woman should feel like a princess while she is cleaning her castle. And, truth be is much more fun while wearing a tiara for some strange reason. I wore one of Abby's but I think I am going to dig out the one I wore on my wedding day for my next cleaning session!


Sam and Brian said...

Yep, the magic eraser is amazing. I told Brian that I am having a platonic love affair with Mr. Clean!!
You look great in a tiara!!

The Smiths said...

When you do get that tiara out will you make sure that you take a picture!! I do love the idea since cleaning is probably the ugliest job to do at home!

Susan said...

Everyone who cleans should wear a tiara. Couldn't find mine in the mess when I was cleaning on Sunday (must be in a box someplace ;). GS

nancy said...

i will need an assortment of tiaras and mr. clean could not keep up , i could wear the mr clean sponges on my knees, though!

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