Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All Aboard!!

We took a ride on the Mid-Continent Railway one day while were in Wisconsin. It is a 50 minute, 7 mile round trip train ride through the Baraboo hills. Abby really enjoyed it and she kept calling it the Polar Express. When we got off at the half way point to take pictures and look at the engine Abby was very confused. She wanted to know why we weren't at the North Pole yet! I guess I should have explained all that before we set off on our little journey :)

Abby with the train and the conductor who called "All Aboard" in the background

Looking out the window

Abby insisted on holding her ticket (which was really mine, since she was free) the entire ride. The conductor even came around to punch the tickets just like in the Polar Express, except he didn't punch any words.

Sitting on the steps on the train

Walking on the balance beam, I mean train tracks.


Jonathan, Amy & Gabriel said...

Look at your cute little belly!! (The only time you can actually tell a woman that!) Looks like a fun train ride. Gabriel LOVES trains...he would have died to ride that.

Kim and Matt said...

Haha...reading this post made me laugh. Avery loves the Polar Express as well, so I'm sure she'd be jealous to see the pictures of Abby. :)

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