Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick trip to Orlando

Andrew had yet another TDY in Orlando and after him being gone TDY 3 weeks in a row, Abby and I decided to join him. We had a good time, we swam, went to Downtown Disney, the worlds largest McDonald's, the outlets, and to a few good restaurants. We didn't do any of the big theme parks. I would never attempt this without Andrew's help or in the dead of the summer with all the crowds and the unbelievable heat!! Here are some pictures from our little mini-vacation!

These were taken the first night we arrived at Cafe TuTu Tango. It is a really yummy tapas restaurant and the atmosphere was really cool too. They had live music, art all over the place, a psychic, sometimes they have belly dancers, and Abby's favorite...a balloon clown!

When Andrew and I first saw this guy we thought Abby would be afraid of him. But, he was really good with kids and Abby thought he was very funny. Plus, she liked the balloons he made.

Not only did he make balloon animals, he did magic tricks too!! Very entertaining!!

Abby enjoying some ice cream one night after dinner. We were going to go putt-putt but decided against it when we found out it was $10 per person and there was no price break for kids. We will go somewhere around our house instead sometime.

Mmm, Mommy likes ice cream too!

One of Abby's favorite things about our vacation was the huge bed she got to sleep in all by herself! She loved getting it out at night and thought she was a really big girl sleeping in such a big bed.

Outside the Bibbidi Bobbibi Boutique with Princess Aurora

Giving Cinderella a big hug

Checking out the Lego dragon outside the Lego store at downtown Disney.

Petting the Lego doggies

Playing with the legos

This is at the huge McDonald's, I just think the expression is funny!

Mommy and Abby at the big McDonald's

"Look at all the tickets I won!"

Here is the sleeping beauty dress Abby picked out at WalMart. We were going to get one at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but they were $70. We found this one at Walmart for the bargain price of $19.99. Its great having a toddler that doesn't know or care about the difference and while the dresses weren't the same, the one from WalMart was just as cute!

Abby and Daddy splashing in the pool one evening after Andrew got down with work!


Susan said...

Glad you had a good time in Orlando! Love the new princess dress! Grammy

Sam and Brian said...

I would have thought that clown would scare most kids, but I guess looks can be deceiving. Love the pics!!

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