Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gymnastics--Part 2

Here are some more pictures and a couple of videos from Abby's latest gymnastics class. I can definitely see improvement in her skills and confidence every time we go. She is becoming very strong, and her upper body strength is very impressive. I am so happy we signed up for this class. Now, we just have to continue when we go back home to Florida!

Here is Abby warming up. They were getting the shapes from one side of the room and bringing them over to their matching color/shape on the opposite side of the room. It was a good exercises for listening to directions and learning shapes and colors.
Here is Abby swinging on the bar, this is probably one of her favorite activities. She loves doing it wherever she can. She does it on the playground, at the pool...wherever she can find a bar low enough to reach!
Abby with her teacher Lizzy swinging upside down on the bar
Here are a couple of pictures of Abby holding onto the bar and walking up the red mat. Lizzy showed her how to do it once and then she did it all by herself. The move is designed to teach them how to be comfortable with being upside down and how the movement is supposed to feel.

Here is Abby doing a "backwards roll" She let the teacher Lizzy help her once and then she said "Abby all by self" and she was doing it without and help!!

Here is Abby on the long trampoline:


The Morgans said...

that is so impressive for her age!

Amy Scofield said...

Yes, I'm thinking an arranged marriage is totally acceptable. She is just so cute!!!!

Andrew said...

i love it! It really sucks that I am missing stuff like this. Thanks so much for taking the videos hun! Love you.

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