Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Girl Bed

When we arrived in Wisconsin, one of the first questions Susan (My mother-in-law) had for me was...where does Abby sleep? I found this to be an odd question because she knows that Abby does not, can not, sleep in the same room as me. (She is a light sleeper, as am we wake each other up). I told her, she has been sleeping in a port a crib in her own room while we have been away. And then I said why??? She looked at me and said well, I bought her a big girl bed! I am sure that many of you know I am terrified of these because my thinking was....she doesn't try to climb out of the crib, so she is safe. And, she has bars all around her so she has to stay put. If she has the freedom of a big girl bed, she will be all over the place and she'll NEVER sleep. After a little consideration and a sheepish smile from Susan I told her we would give it a try, but I made sure the port a crib was still an option. We showed Abby the big girl bed as soon as we got to the house and she was very impressed. In fact, we had to go upstairs to see the big girl bed 4 or 5 times before the night was over. Much to my surprise, she was very excited to sleep in the bed. And, my daughter proved me wrong once again! She went to sleep last night at 8:45pm and I didn't hear a peep from her till 9:30 this morning!!! I was so proud of her and when I went in to get her she was sitting up in bed and she said "Mommy, I like it" (referring to the big girl bed). I didn't want to jinx it last night so I waited to take pictures. These are from the morning after her first night in a big girl she is growing up before my eyes. If Andrew doesn't hurry home, she'll be driving the next time he sees her!!!


momto2boys said...

Congratulations on sleeping in your big girl bed!! They do grow too fast don't they???

misspink1288 said...

oh my gosh! i am so proud of my missy boo boo! i'm jealous that i'm not there with you.

The Vrabecs said...

Are you going to teach her algebra too while I'm gone? Keep up the great parenting hun!

Love You

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