Monday, September 03, 2007

Noah's Ark

Between all of the rain in Wisconsin we managed to find a nice day to head to the water park. It actually turned out perfectly because the rain held off, but it was overcast so there weren't a million people there. Abby had a blast and really surprised me and Susan with how well she did on some of the "rides".

Part of the admission price includes a viewing of a 4-D Spongebob movie. I didn't know what 4-D meant but I soon found out. There were parts of the movie that were interactive, for lack of a better word. For example, when there were bubbles on the screen, real bubbles blew through out the theater, and at the end there is a scene with a big splash and water pours down for the ceiling! It was pretty neat but a little scary at the same time. Abby handled most of it well except for at the beginning. During the previews there was a scene where it looked like rats were coming right for your face. She didn't really like that too much, but neither did I!

Ok, could we be any dorkier??
I think Abby is the only one of us who could pull of the look!

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