Monday, September 10, 2007

Moms Day Out (MDO)

Abby had her first day of Mom's Day Out today. This is a program that is set up through a church to offer child care for 4 hours at a time so moms like myself can have a little break. I have great plans for what I am going to do with my time in the future, but I wanted to stay close the first day just in case they had to call me to pick up Abby early. As most of you know, she is a bit clingy and doesn't do well in these situations. All the more reason for her to be in a program like this. I tried to make it exciting for her and she was really looking forward to going to "school". We talked about it and even made a special trip to Target to buy a lunch box! All the excitement quickly when I dropped her off. The minute she realized school was going to be something where I would not be present she decided she really didn't like the idea as much as she first thought she did. She wailed as I handed her off to the poor woman who would be in charge of her for the next four hours. I made my way down the hall to fill out the required paperwork. By the time I was done filling out the the forms, Abby had quit crying. Much to my surprise, I did not receive a phone call to pick her up early. She was such a champ and I was so proud of my little girl. It was very reassuring to see her playing and singing as I snuck up to take a peek before I picked her up. I did get a chance to relax a bit. I cleaned my car, and met Sam for a pedicure and lunch. It was nice to chat with Sam without the kids. Don't get me wrong, Abby and Nolan are cute and fun to be with, but it was nice to be able to talk to Sam as just a friend, rather than a mother! The first day was probably harder on me than it was on Abby, but I am looking forward to the benefits this program is going to offer both of us!!

Abby and her lunch box on our way to "school"

Abby and Nolan after Abby's first day! Nolan helped Abby to feel comfortable and showed her the ropes.

Sam and I reaping the benefits of MDO!


misspink1288 said...

so can we go for pedicures when i come out. i am in desperate need.

The Morgans said...

I'm so glad she did well!

Sam and Brian said...

She's so cute with her little lunch box! Is it me or does that leaf in the grass look like something else?

momto2boys said...

Yeah MDO and pedicures!! :)

Susan said...

Love the lunch box! I'll have to dig out Andrew's "first day of school" pics! Hmmmmmm - red nail polish - you're getting wild and crazy like Grammy!

Kendalls said...

her lunch box is as big as she is!! glad you had fun!

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