Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

During one of the few days it didn't rain while we were in Wisconsin, we headed to the Madison zoo. I was floored that a zoo of this caliber was free. I mean, come on....the Crestview farm (a.k.a. zoo) is $6, I would have happily shelled out at least $15 to this place!! We had such a nice time. Abby and I were joined by Gramma Susan, Great Gramma Lo, Great Aunt Mary Jo, Great Uncle Mike and couple thousand bees! The bees only graced us with their presence while we were eating though! Abby just loves animals and nothing is better than seeing the zoo through a toddlers eyes. They are just amazed and enthralled with everything, it is really a shame we can't all go through our day to day lives like this! Abby loved the monkeys and the penguins, she gobbled up her hot dog and popsicle, and made out like a bandit in the gift shop thanks to Gramma! What more could a girl ask for!!!

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Sam and Brian said...

The penguin picture is priceless! How fun!!!

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