Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Daddy's coming home soon?!?!?

So, for those of you haven't heard Andrew is scheduled to return to sunny Florida this Saturday. We can not wait to have him home. I'm really trying not to get too excited for fear things might change (you know how the AF is) and because the more excited I get, the more the days seem to drag on. Andrew made the mistake of telling Abby that he would be home soon a few days ago over the phone. We were at WalMart at the time and the whole time we were shopping she was excitedly saying "Daddy home soon, Daddy home!" When we pulled up to the house her little face lit up and she said "Daddy home!" I tried to explain to her that he wasn't home yet, but that he would be home soon, in a few days. I thought this had satisfied her but yesterday on the way home from MDO, she asked. "Daddy home?" Again, I replied he would be home in a few days. It didn't do the trick this time and in a very sad voice, she said, "Daddy home please. Daddy come to Abby's house!" It is heartbreaking to hear your child ask for something they can't have, especially when that something is parent. It is an impossible thing to explain. I guess I should count myself lucky because up until about a week ago, anytime she would ask for Daddy I would tell her he was at work and she seemed ok with that answer and would move onto something else. The short answer is no longer working, but in 4 days he will be home and our family will be complete once again!


Sam and Brian said...

Whoo hoo! So excited for you guys!

Susan said...

Ahhhh - Andrew!!! What were you thinking?!?!? We're looking forward to your phone call from the USA!!!! Thank you again for serving your country!!!!! Love, MOM

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