Monday, September 03, 2007

All Grandpa, All Day!!

Abby got in some good bonding time with Grandpa Pete one day while Grandma was at work. Peter took Abby and I on a whirlwind tour of the surrounding area! The first stop was a tour on the Duck boat. It is a tour of Wisconsin Dells by land and by water. It is given on WWII era amphibious (land/water) vehicle and goes all over the Dells. They can go pretty fast, about 45 mph on land and a whopping 6 mph in the water! Abby enjoyed the scenery and really liked the splash down into the water!

The next stop was to Timbavati Wildlife Park to visit some animals. Abby just loves animals and was so excited to see all of the different animals up close.

Abby was even able to feed the giraffes. They did get a little pushy however, and Grandpa had to take over. When we were walking away, they were actually licking another woman because she wasn't feeding them quick enough! The goats were a little bit more Abby style. They were pushy as well, but not quite as large or as intimidating as the giraffes!

After the wildlife park we headed to lunch in downtown Wisconsin Dells and then home for a much needed nap. The fun did not stop there! After Abby's nap we took Sophie to Devil's Lake for a little walk and sightseeing. The walk was short lived, Bulldogs are not known for their energy and Sophie got tired very quickly. It actually worked out well because we headed home just as the rain began to fall!!!

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Susan said...

Thanks for the post - I am missing you guys sooo much, and cannot wait till we see you again. Thanks for coming to visit us - next time Andrew will give you the real Dells tour!
Grampa Pete and Sophie

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