Sunday, August 01, 2010

Unpacking Adventures

You would think that I would have a system down for unpacking seems how we do our fair share of it.  But, you throw 2 kids into the mix and unpacking becomes an adventure.  A slow, long, drawn-out adventure that never seems to end!!  We are getting the house together slowly but surely.  I am sure things would move along faster if I was able to lock myself in the house, but there are things to see and places to go, so in between all the unpacking we are also doing some exploring.  It will get done least I keep telling myself that :-)

Here are some pictures of our unpacking process.

Our new house!

The girls playing in Abby's room while I was unpacking elsewhere.  They were having so much fun!

This was Olivia's solution to "keeping busy" while I unpacked.  Those are dixie cups in my toilet....lots of them!

Another HUGE mess made while I was unpacking.  The girls used some styrofoam packaging from some new furniture we bought to make "snow".  Its hard to see in this picture but, there are little styrofoam balls everywhere!!!

Daddy made paper dresses for the girls out of the packaging paper.  They thought it was great and they spent the afternoon putting on a fashion show for us.

Olivia's "mad" face

The girls LOVED helping Daddy put together furniture.


Susan said...

Great pictures! Miss all of you!

The Kendall Family said...

LOVE the dresses! Looks like it was quite a fun adventure for the girls!!! Very cute:)

Tracy said...

I don't know - I think Andrew could have a career in fashion design!!!

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