Friday, August 06, 2010

Cincinnati Zoo

We had heard great things about the Cincinnati Zoo, so we decided to check it out for ourselves, and it lived up to our expectations.  It is a really beautiful zoo, well maintained, a great layout, and lots of animals to check out as well as a nice kids area with a playground and petting zoo.  The only problem with out visit was that we happened to go on one of the hottest, most humid days we've had since arriving in Dayton!  It was very HOT and STICKY!  We toughed it out and saw a lot of the animals and when we'd had enough of the heat we decided to call it a day and made plans to go back in the fall when its a little bit cooler.  We did happen to catch the Jaguar show which was pretty incredible.  They had the Jaguars in a big open field showing off their running speed of over 70 MPH, pretty amazing to see that in action considering most times in the zoo they are just laying around their cages napping!!!

Abby trying to cool off in the misters!

Abby and Daddy by the peacock.  This is the only picture I got before they were told to step away from the peacock because apparently they are not that nice, and the peacock was quickly shooed away by some zoo officials. 

The girls at the playground, playing on the spiderweb net.

I don't know why these 2 turtles "were fighting"

Boots, Dora and Abby.  Olivia liked seeing them from the safety of my arms and would smile and wave, but screamed when I asked if she wanted to give Dora a hug!

The statues outside of the Manatee exhibit, I think this was one of Abby's favorite animals we saw all day!


Susan said...

Great pictures!

Genest Family said...

Brandon would love to meet Dora!! How cool is that?!

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