Saturday, July 31, 2010

July's Random Ramblings

  • Andrew took a picture of me from behind and Abby came running up to me and snickered, "Daddy just took a picture of your bum, I bet he is going to put it on Facebook."
  • At dinner one night I took the last of the fruit and Andrew was a bit jealous, Abby came to my defense and said, "it isn't for Momma, its for the baby in her belly!"
  • Since moving to Ohio I have been relying on my GPS quite a bit to get around.  I have had to make quite a few u-turns, backtrack a bit, and at times alter my route completely.  One day in the car, I was following the GPS when Abby warned, "Be careful Mom, you can't ALWAYS rely on the GPS to be right!"
  • At the beginning of Vacation Bible School (VBS) Abby kept calling it survival school.
  • For some reason whenever a word ends in "t", Olivia replaces it with a "k".  Hat = Hak;  What = Whak.  This just recently started and I know she can say it correctly.
  • We were out to breakfast one morning and were waiting for our table outside.  A man with a big, round belly, and a long white beard walked by and Olivia immediately started saying, "Ho, ho, ho!!" very loudly. 
  • Olivia thinks Abby walks on water and whatever Abby says goes.  She will often ask Abby "waz dat?" and point to something.  Abby will answer her (sometimes she is right, sometimes not) and Olivia just takes it for what she says and replies with "oh" and moves on.
  • When Olivia doesn't like something she says "HEY" very loudly.  
  • Whenever Olivia sees a baby she asks, "I pet baby?!?"


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I love the ho ho ho and pet the baby! So sweet!

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