Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August's Random Ramblings


  • At VBS Abby sang a song to the tune of Funky Town.  It was supposed to go: "Talk about Him, Talk about Him, Talk about Je-sus."  The first couple of days she would come home and sing, "Taco party, taco party, taco party Je-sus."
  • One morning as we were getting ready to head out the door Abby made a strange request for pancakes.  (I say strange because she rarely wants anything for breakfast.)  I explained to her that I didn't have time to make any but I could make her a frozen waffle instead to which she replied, "Well, I guess that will have to do!"
  • Abigail has taken a huge interest in cooking lately and she really enjoys watching cooking shows. One night as we were flipping through the channels, she said "Hey its my girl!  Let's watch this."  She was referring to Giada De Laurentiis.
  • The girls and Andrew came to the doctor's office to take part in the ultrasound of the baby.  When Abby saw his spine she said that is one of his bones, right?  The technician said, "yes, its the baby's spine it goes all the way from his neck down to his tailbone."  And Abby said, "I don't have a tail!!"
  • Abby was playing Polly Pockets one afternoon and organizing their closet.  She informed me that she had to get all of "the hookers (hooks) organized!"

  • She calls her swim suit a swim soup.
  • The girls and I were jamming out to Laurie Berkner in the car one day when Olivia suddenly said, "I no like Mommy sing!"
  • Olivia pretty much says EVERYTHING Abby says, she is like a little parrot and just adds "too".  The other day we were at the store when Abby told a worker she was a ballerina and of course Olivia had to add, "I am a ballerina too!"
  • Abby has been obsessed with pillow pets and really wants one for her birthday.  Whenever we talk about it we all sing the song, "It's a pillow, its' a pet,"  and Olivia always sings..."its a pillow pet!"  And then says, "I wanna Doggy, sister wanna unicorn!"


Sam said...

Now everytime I hear that song I'm going to think Taco party...so adorable! I love that Olivia adores Abby, makes me miss them both all the more!

P.S.-everytime Danny says Dip Dip I think of Nolan and Abby, too...its amazing how much this stage constantly sends me down memory lane with those 2!

The Kendall Family said...

thanks for the smiles!!!

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