Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Young's Jersey Dairy Farm

In the midst of all the unpacking, organizing, and getting settled we have done a little bit of exploring too.  One of the places that was recommended to us by quite a few folks was Young's Jersey Dairy Farm.  We decided to take the girls there one weekend and we had a really good time.  The girls LOVED feeding the goats, and checking out the baby cows.  They had an area for kids with a bouncy house, some slides and a sand box filled with corn which they loved.  And of course, no visit to a dairy farm would be complete without a little ice cream.  I can't wait to take the girls back in the fall for pumpkin picking and a corn maze!

One of the goats standing on a box, trying to get a better angle for being fed.

Both girls were laughing hysterically as they were feeding the always famished goats!

Playing in the corn.

In line for ice cream!

It was a high melt factor day, but Abby still enjoyed her bubble gum ice cream!


Susan said...

Happy to see you are all enjoying the summer! Unpacking can always wait til a rainy day!

Genest Family said...

Yup, I am certain this is the place we took Cameron years ago. Though, strange enough, I don't remember the ice cream! lol Hope you make it back for pumpkins!

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