Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Butterfly House at Cox Arboretum

After doing some research I found a MOPS group in our area that will be starting up meeting in the fall that we will attend.  In the meantime they do a few summer play dates and we decided to tag along on one so that we could meet some of the other moms and kids.  We went to Cox Arboretum which is a beautiful park with a very cool butterfly house.  We were able to explore the gardens and then we headed over to the butterfly house to check out all the different butterflies and caterpillars.  When we'd had enough of that we continued on to the maze.  It was a great way to spend the morning (and did I mention it was all FREE?)  We were able to meet some of the other MOPS moms and we are excited to start MOPS in the fall!
Abby and Josh getting up close and personal with some of the butterflies that they were able to handle.

Olivia walking around the gardens

Josh (hiding), Eliza, and Abigail

Pretty blue butterfly

Abby didn't want to be in the picture on the butterfly bench so she took mine and Olivia's picture.

Then she changed her mind but there were lots of other kids on the bench!

Abby and Olivia in the hedge maze.



wow!! That place is so cool! I loooove butterflies!

Susan said...

I hope I get to go there sometime!

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