Monday, January 11, 2010

Sledding in Estes Park

While we were in Colorado we were lucky enough to get away from the city and stay overnight in Estes Park.  Andrew's parents have friends who live there and work at the YMCA there, so we were lucky enough to be able to get a house at the Y-camp to stay in overnight.  It had an absolutely amazing view from the porch.  A trip into the mountains during Christmas time would not have been complete without a little playing in the snow, and that's just what we did.  As soon as we got there Abby piled on the snow clothes and headed outside with her sled to try out the white powdery stuff.  The first day we were there it was gorgeous outside, but still cold enough that snow from the previous storm was still on the ground. Then, the second day we got to see some real snow and enjoyed it again.   It was very nice to be able to get away for a day and we had a wonderful time!  We are even talking about going back in the summer to check out some of the summertime activities the Y has to offer.

The view from the porch of our house

Abby laying in the snow

Abby with her sled

Enjoying some hot chocolate after playing in the snow.  Abby told me she loved the snow until the "snow crabs" started biting her fingers.

The second day brought a pretty decent size storm and about 6-8 inches of new snow when all was said and done.   I was so happy that Abby was able to get this experience after living in Florida and Arizona!  She had been talking about the snow and all the things she was going to do in it for weeks leading up to our trip to Colorado.

Catching a snowflake with her tongue.  Its pretty much a must!!

Daddy, Livvy, and Abby sledding

Just the girls

While Abby LOVED the snow and all the things it had to offer, Olivia wasn't so sure.  She didn't really cry, but she kind of just stood there in one spot the whole time and wasn't really sure what to do with herself.

Sitting on the sled was almost as fun as actually sledding!

Now she is starting to get the hang of it a bit.  She only did this for a little while before she stood up and just stared again!

Family picture.  Andrew and Olivia were cooperating.  However, Abby and I were not!


Kellen, YMCA of the Rockies Staff said...

Vrabec Family,
So glad you enjoyed your trip to the YMCA of the Rockies! What wonderful stories and pictures! Thank you for including us in your blog, we appreciate you helping spread the word of all the things you can do here at the YMCA! We hope to see you back in the summer!

YMCA of the Rockies Staff

Jennifer B. said...

How cute! If you go there in the summer they have a Yogi Bear place in Estes. I have never been there, but I heard that it is great for kids. Lots of fun activities.

Sam said...

Love Estes, but not as much as I love these pics, looks like so much fun and the girls are absolutely precious!! The one of Abby catching a snowflake is too sweet!!!

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