Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Estes Park continued

While we were in Estes Park we had the pleasure of having dinner over at the VanHorne's house.  They are good friends of Andrews parents.  In fact, Andrew's dad Peter worked with Gary at the YMCA while they were in college and this is where Peter learned his incredible cooking skills.  So, needless to say, dinner was fantastic and the girls' had a blast paying with all the toys Ms. Renee saved and with their very cute kitty!  It was a wonderful night, and I am so happy I was finally able to meet the VanHorne's!

My girlies before heading out to dinner

They really love each other...

...so do they!!!

The infamous cat in the bag.  This cat kept Abby and especially Olivia entertained all night long!

Olivia and "Ghetto" playing

Silly girls

The fun drive home.  Thank you to Peter who drove through the snow storm all the way back to Highlands Ranch!

The view from the car on the way home from Estes Park

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Susan said...

Family, Friends and Mountains - the best combination ever!!

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