Sunday, January 31, 2010

January's Random Ramblings

  • Abby loves the Beyonce song "Single Ladies".  After dancing and singing to it all night she asked to be called Beyonce from now on!
  • Abby always calls "teasing", "cheesing".  As in, "Mommy, I was just 'cheesing' Olivia."
  • One day after I was done cleaning the bathroom with a little help from Abby,  I said, "there, doesn't that look nice?"  To which she replied, "Well, not really.  The mirror is still all dirty!"
  • Abby is always asking me, what do you want to do tomorrow?  The girl is constantly on the go.
  • One day while we were driving home from somewhere Abby said to me, "Mommy, can you make sure you get your hair trimmed before my next dance recital?"--she is right, I DO need a trim!!

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Susan said...

Details, details, details!!!!!

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