Friday, July 31, 2009

Julys Random Ramblings

  • Abby and I have had a lot of conversations about the fact that we are not going back to Florida. For the most part she has been fine with this until she found out that Nolan was heading back to Florida from a long stay in St. Louis. She then informed that she wanted to go back to Florida and move in with Ms. Sam and Nolan. I told her that Daddy and I would miss her too much and she said don't worry, I will write you a card every night!
  • Most mornings Olivia and I are up before Abby and if Abby hears Olivia while she is coming down from upstairs then she announces, "Don't worry Olivia, your big sister is on her way!"
  • While Abby was getting her haircut she was chatting up the gal cutting her hair. Abby was telling her a story about Olivia and the lady jokingly said "aw come one, you are pulling my leg". Abby turned and looked at her and in all seriousness said "I'm not pulling your leg, I can't even reach it!"
  • One day my friend Josie and I met for lunch and some shopping with the girls. Abby went to the bathroom at one of the stores and informed me that I should wait outside, so I stood by the door till she finished her business. Later in the day she had to go again and I told her to go ahead as I was sitting right next to the restroom. She asked me to come with her and I mentioned that she had gone by herself earlier in the day. She then said, "that's because you weren't sitting down before!!" No rest for the Mommy!!!


Susan said...

I miss my Abby!

The Scofields said...

Awww.....I love how they are so serious! And, no, there is no rest for for mommy.

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