Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Skating with Uncle Duke

A few weeks ago while my brother Duke was in town visiting from New Hampshire, he took Abby ice skating. Duke is an awesome hockey player (he is living in New Hampshire to play hockey) and obviously a natural on the ice. Abby had a blast ice skating with him!

Duke, Ashley, Abby and Greta
The rink had these really cool walker type things for the kids to hold onto while skating. I guess it helped a bit. I know Dukes back was killing him when he was done from bending over.

Uncle Duke, Olivia, Abigail


Susan said...

Thank you Uncle Duke for helping Abby learn to skate!
Wish we had those push things (instead of folding chairs) when I was teaching the mini-mites way back when!

The Scofields said...

The walker thing is nice!! That don't have one at our rink, and Jonathan is always so worn out by the end of Gabriel's 2 hour sessions.

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